Special Projects

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  • DVSA vehicle special projects
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Equipment Upgrades

MacNeillie have vast experience in in-life upgrades for emergency and utility fleet vehicles. We have various options available to the customer for either client support units – our mobile engineers or back to base upgrades.

As technology advances or the intended role of the vehicle changes we can upgrade and commission your fleet to the new specified level. Typical upgrades include changes to communication equipment, telematics and seating.


Prisoner transport trailer interior
Police prisoner transport vehicles
Prisoner transport vehicle



MacNeillie manufacture prisoner transport vehicles in a variation of different sizes and configurations. We have existing manufactured designs that can transport anywhere between 2 and 24 plus people.

The conversions can be based on panel vans or coachbuilt box bodies with customer having the choice of base chassis manufacturer.

Options also include occupant protection, levels range from fully armoured to soft skin. Both the internal and external configurations can be designed around the customers specific requirements, with many options available including:

•  Air conditioning

•  Communication systems

•  Enhanced security options

•  Individual cells

•  Warning equipment

In addition to dedicated custodial vehicles MacNeillie produces a full range of temporary cell cage solutions.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency van

Rescue, support & utilities 


A number of our conversions are for non-emergency service customers, albeit just as important in their role.

The vehicles produced can be van, car, commercial vehicle or pickup based and manufactured on various customer platforms.

From mountain rescue, flooding, gas, water, oil, railways and electric suppliers, fully equipped mobile units have been produced and robustly equipped.

The conversion options are varied but can include:

•  Hardtops

•  Extra security packages

•  Racking and storage solutions

•  On-board power

•  Messing zone

•  Workshop

•  Scaling and ladder systems

•  Waterproof and alternative lining solutions

Providing and maintaining your vehicle is only one part of the MacNeillie turnkey solution.






Trailers & box bodies

MacNeillie can supply and convert specialist coach built solutions on trailers, curtain siders and box bodies on various platforms and of various sizes.

The work undertaken can be for new builds or refurbishment jobs.

Common specifications built for customers include work for the following arenas:

•  Mobile offices

•  Command

•  Medical

•  Exhibition and display

•  Military

•  Leisure

A specification can be generated to satisfy your enquiry.