Our ability to provide a ‘turnkey solution’ or road ready vehicle is achieved by understanding the level of testing and quality assurance (QA) required on that specific customer’s project.

Every project has a QA involvement ensuring project conformance, however, certain projects require additional often more complex testing. Where this is the case a test plan can be generated to complement our standard QA documentation.

As our test plans have developed from project to project we have in turn invested in our quality department to expand its abilities and resources. Some of the regular tests and inspections the team are involved in include:

•  Functionality

•  Road trials and handling

•  Dynamic

•  Vibration

•  Climate


Recent years have seen a significant investment in dedicated on site test facilities such as:

•  EMC test chamber

•  Ballistic test chamber

•  MOT test chamber


Our aim is not only to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of tested products but handle those often complicated and demanding project test requirements, for example:

•  Type approval

•  IVA

•  Safety case

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Our internal testing and assurance departments aim to make sure our products conform to the appropriate standards.