One of the key elements in providing our service is in logistics; this may be at the start of the conversion process or the end. A number of our customers utilise MacNeillies logistics team safe in the knowledge that the job will be managed by our security focused organisation, even if the vehicle or product movement is to be from one operational base to another within the UK without any recognised conversion or integration work being carried out by MacNeillie.

UK and Europe

We own and operate our own vehicle transporter fleet. Our professional drivers are security vetted and are employed by MacNeillie. Whether you need a single vehicle or multiple units moving around the UK or Europe one of our transporters will be able to assist. If you need to have your vehicle collected, temporarily securely stored until you need it, MacNeillie can provide this service along with any appraisal inspections, repairs or services whilst we store the vehicle.


Delivery of specialist builds around the world is an everyday occurrence. Our logistics team transport the loads to the designated port or airport for onwards movement. Delivering product to challenging destinations is part of our conversion service.

Should the customer need our assistance we can arrange all the necessary paperwork, certification and insurance. MacNeillie can even assist with onwards transportation in country, utilising an existing network of contacts to deliver the units to their final destination.

The same service provision is available for those urgent deliveries required by airfreight.

Key points:

  • In-house transport fleet
  • International deliveries
  • Secure transportation
  • Motorcycle transport
  • Insured vehicle movement


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email  info@macneillie.co.uk

phone  (+44) 1922 725560

Utilising our own security-cleared drivers and transporters we deliver across the UK and Europe. International deliveries are achieved via our established network of agents.