Designing solutions that are fit for purpose

The large MacNeillie engineering and design team have vast experience in providing innovative design solutions that are practical in everyday use for our industry.

The design team utilise both SolidWorks and AutoCAD software to provide both accurate manufacturing data and bespoke sales literature. The engineering and design department not only provide those services expected of a capable and proficient team but provide the data necessary to assist our manufacturing departments with their precise programming for our varied Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) machines.

The complete design department operate within the boundaries of our ISO9001 accredited system. The system ensures product conformity and gives customers confidence in their products.

Designs vary in their complexity, whether it is a simplistic enhancement to an existing product or a full-blown bespoke rendered model, our team have the necessary skill sets to achieve this. The design process may review a number of areas before compliance and escalation for approval is sought, these may include:

  • Alternative materials
  • Current legislation
  • Power demands
  • Weights and permissible mass
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Initial and whole life costing
  • Stress and failure mode analysis
The continuous investment in design technology enables MacNeillie to remain a market leader in the specialist vehicle market.