Public Order / Crowd Management

Having provided public order vehicles to both national and international police forces for almost three decades MacNeillie has demonstrated our vehicle conversions are fit for purpose. The vehicles having been used in riots, civil disturbances and other crowd management situations have fulfilled their roles and kept the officers safe.

Our public order range of vehicles have undergone a high degree of testing and approvals. The customer has the choice of platform, and if required assistance from MacNeillie with base vehicle conversion or configuration.

Our unique patented composite body is an alternative to the van conversion model. Our body which has undergone dynamic testing offers increased payloads and a larger internal volume. The increase in available space and payload enable the users to store the appropriate equipment they need to carry out their job safely and negates the requirement for a support equipment vehicle.

Our crowd management vehicles can include various options from the more traditional ‘crew and kit’ carriers to our latest innovative chameleon style modular PSU that has removable and interchangeable interior options. A few of the more common options are:

•  High impact linings

•  Screen guards

•  Warning equipment

•  Communications options

•  High impact glazing packs

•  Storage systems

•  Retention units

•  Telematics

Our public order vehicles have to be right first time, there are no second chances in this arena.