Armed Response

Our range of armed response vehicles provide the storage units to enable officers to safely store and transport their equipment on a day-to-day basis.

It is a reality of today’s society that certain police vehicles have to carry equipment that is dangerous. It is our aim to work with those teams and reduce the associated risks in every way possible.

MacNeillie have produced armed response vehicles to securely and safely transport both the method of entry equipment and any associated necessary kit.

We offer a number of solutions in both traditional and composite materials. Our composite solutions retain the strength but reduce the weight.

Common features often found in our Armed Response Vehicles (ARVs) are:

•  Communications packages

•  Protection packages

•  Storage systems

•  Warning equipment

•  Livery systems

•  Telematics

•  Run flat systems

Our design facilities can offer comprehensive solutions to all aspects of your Armed Response Vehicle build.