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Our automotive composite division provides an innovative solution to many of today’s operational challenges. The products and designs offer a number of advantages over more conventional technologies including where required; weight saving initiatives, strength, impact resistance and covert applications to name a few of the elements.

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All MacNeillie composite and automotive composite products and tools that require superior lamination or finish are manufactured within our Autoclave.

Our calibrated Autoclave enables us to manufacture large single piece components for example:

•  Floor panels

•  Roof panels

•  Associated vehicle panels, boot/trunk lids, bumpers/fenders, skirts etc.

•  Bulkheads and structural parts

The high quality composite parts are achieved by accurately controlling the curing temperature and pressure. The cure process is critical during the manufacturing phase.

Whilst we acknowledge there are alternative curing systems and they have their place and value, in fact we manufacture many standard and extra large components utilising more traditional methodology, we utilise our autoclave when the need arises for superior consolidation and lamination.

Composite cab police horsebox



Glass Reinforced Plastic

In addition to our composite parts we manufacture custom-made Glass Reinforced Plastic products (GRP) or fibreglass as the material is commonly referred to.

Our experienced team in conjunction with our tool and pattern makers manufacture bespoke or volume parts for various industries.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is a lightweight and robust material with good thermal insulation properties. It has a high strength to weight ratio.

A number of our specialist vehicle conversions incorporate some elements of glass reinforced plastics. 

Our products have various fire ratings that can be utilised in various industries.

•  Air dams and deflectors

•  Wheel arch and styling kits

•  Non-corrosive linings

•  Interior trim panels and linings



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The MacNeillie range of products is varied, we have mature designs and manufactured products available.

Within our product range we have specialist coach built vehicle bodies, for example, horseboxes and underwater search units where the regular occurrence of exposure to fluids and water will have a detrimental effect on traditional style bodies. Alternative composite specialist bodies are used for riot protection or public order vehicles where the high impact resistance and weight saving characteristics offer alternative benefits. Another area of the business that benefits from the weight saving elements of the composite body is our cash-in-transit division. The mobile banks and offices can be built on lighter chassis whilst still satisfying the customer’s needs.

Away from traditional coachwork our specialist composite parts are used for sporting event vehicles and other specialist vehicles. these include track day bumper protection system, air ducts, bonnets and spoiler kits.