Wheelchair Accessible Minibus

M1 tested floor systems ensure the vehicle is built to a notably high standard.

Seats come in a range of makes, types (fixed, tip and fold, removable) and in a variety of trim materials including easy wipe-down vinyl to seat base or whole seat.

Many rear loading tail-lift or ramp options and restraint systems are available which will be specified in accordance to the users’ operational needs.

To assist unaided patient entry, folding side door handrails that protrude outside the minibus when in use can be provided, these are designed to assist entry for the less able but self-dependent walking individuals.

Electrical control and switching systems are available to ensure the minibus is functional and simple to operate.

Roof mounted extraction fans to provide an efficient cycle of air which removes stale odours.

Diesel powered saloon heaters to ensure that the rear compartment areas are kept at a comfortable temperature.

Key points:

•  M1 (no more than 8-seats plus driver) and M2 (more than 8-seats plus driver – 5T or less) types available

•  Easy to use tail-lifts for wheelchair entry/exiting

•  Side entry handrails to assist ‘walk on’ clients

•  Fixed, removable or tip and fold seating for customisation of interior layout

•  Dashboard operator control panel for ergonomic use by driver

For a quality accessible conversion for use in the community or care home sectors, please contact our sales team for a consultation and site visit to discuss your requirements so that we can design the right vehicle for you.