Not every product or vehicle conversion we provide sits comfortably within a specific fleet group.

MacNeillie is renowned for successfully delivering those ‘one-off’ often challenging projects that fall within our specialist section.

  • Protected container exterior
  • Protected container exterior
  • Make safe unit demonstration
Protected containers
Protected container rifle racking
Protected container rifle racking


Protected Armoured Containers

Part of our protection portfolio is the provision of armoured containers.

Our tested protected containers have been used at major events and conferences, for example the Olympic Games.

The protected containers are portable using any normal commercially available system, for example by truck or by container ship.

The containers are used to protect their occupants in various configurations, including; canteens, kitchens, accommodation, control offices and storage solutions.

The list of options varies from project to project but can include:

•  Cooling/heating

•  Security options

•  Communication options

•  On-board power or shoreline connection

•  Storage systems

•  Showers/kitchens/office furniture/sleeping pods

In addition to the container work we can offer the same protection level to doors and windows on residential or commercial property.


Make Safe Unit

The MacNeillie ‘make safe’ unit and its associated components is a health and safety solution for armed officers and users who are on the move.

Our fully tested unit enables the user to clear the weapon in a controlled manner.

The unit is lightweight, fully portable and can be be carried if required in a small sports bag.

A collapsible docking unit for temporary accommodation can be set up within 30 seconds of arrival. More permanent fitting kits are available for vehicles and permanent residencies.

The units have been tested and approved to stop even the highest threats.