MacNeillie offer both converted vehicles and retrofit kits to protect users, in any situation, MacNeillie can be relied upon to provide protection to the crew.

  • Protected Escort Vehicles (PEV)
  • Armoured vehicle
  • Armoured vehicle roof
Overt Protection Armoured Vehicles
Protected Escort Vehicles (PEV)
Secure armoured personnel carrier
Overt Protection Armoured Vehicles

Protected Escort Vehicle

MacNeillie can offer many versions of Protected Escort Vehicles (PEV) which can be used for a number of different applications such as:

•  Secure armoured personnel carrier

•  Command post protection

•  Border patrol vehicle

•  Protected Escort vehicle

•  Military Recon Vehicle

The armoured vehicles are designed to protect life whilst offering mobility. They are fitted with different forms of equipment storage systems, each individual client’s vehicle can be altered to their bespoke requirements. Interiors can be equipped with white/red interior lighting for both day and nighttime use. A ‘situational awareness roof hatch’ can be offered for high elevation physical viewing of the surrounding for situational awareness, diagnostics and tactical intelligence data collation. Rooftop camera systems can be provided for secure situational awareness.

Key points:

•  Optional configurations for different applications

•  4×4 and 4×2 variants

•  Provision for battlefield ambulance

•  Red and white interior lighting

•  Fully air conditioned

•  Kit/weapons storage

•  Camera systems

Robust armoured vehicles for safe and secure crew transfer and patrols.

Appliqué kits

Internal Armour Packages

Purposely manufactured for each specific make and model of vehicle we can offer armoured kit systems that can be integrated inside a vehicle shell so that the external appearance is not altered. Being in kit form these can be supplied to any region and the installation can be carried out by local engineers thus reducing transportation and saving both time and money for the end user. With the careful design of internal armoured packages we are able to offer a system with easy integration using simple tools which also means the decommissioning process is equally as simple and in most instances reusable.


External Armour Packages

Additional armoured solutions can be added to existing vehicles to upgrade the original vehicle design giving armoured packages to a variety of vehicles, up to Stanag III protection level. Our design and engineering teams have already provided working solutions to upgrade vehicles in use by Armed Forces worldwide, upgrading vehicles by increasing ballistic protection requirements beyond the originally intended use to assist with the safe operation for the users. If you have a protected vehicle which is proving to be insufficient for the intended role or a new level of threat has been introduced, ask MacNeillie to develop and offer a bespoke appliqué upgrade package. Vehicles often have restricted payloads so we can offer the latest lightweight materials for appliqué applications giving a solution which not only upgrades the vehicles level of protection but is also practical to install which can be carried out in a workshop environment or in an operational arena.

Armoured Mac vehicle
Overt protection seating
Armoured vehicle on manoeuvres
Armoured vehicle interior

MacNeillie Armoured Carrier System (MACS)

With our developed ‘MacNeillie Armoured Carrier System’ (MACS) based on a Commercially off The Shelf (COTS) running gear such as the Mercedes Unimog we can offer an armoured personnel carrier with excellent on and off-road capabilities. Optional vehicle levels of 9.5 tonne or 14 tonne gives the customer the flexibility to carry augmented payloads for differing working activities.

Further armouring options are available such as a Stanag III upgrade package or ‘V’ shaped floor and bar armour for increased blast and mine protection. The monocoque structure offers excellent flexibility for the incorporation of apertures for; entry doors, escape hatches, windows and gun ports as essential for the intended role. Ballistically protected opaque glazing panels are fitted the vehicle body sides and rear doors to maintain visual awareness.


Key points:

•  COTS running gear

•  9.5 tonne or 14 tonne options

•  Exceptional mobility

•  Runflat systems

•  Double skinned floor

•  Fully air conditioned

•  Side and rear glazing

•  Towing facility

•  24-volt high capacity system (12-volt provided if required).

•  Internal stowage and racking systems

MACS armoured personnel carrier, excellent off-road performance.