Armoured minibus

For the safe conveyance of VIPs and diplomats alike we can provide highly armoured minibus conversions which provide safe passage to and from secure destinations.

Complete with M2 seating for between 8 and 16 passengers plus driver and mod cons for passenger comfort such as auxiliary heating and air conditioning/climate control, vehicles are ergonomic and safe for long and short distance travel.

To aid entry and exit of the minibus side and rear steps are added for consistent height steps and entry handrails.

Security systems can be added to provide additional benefits from items such as emergency escape doors/hatches, blackout blinds and secure luggage storage through to electronic countermeasures, panic systems and robust communications systems.

Driver aids such as reverse cameras or sensors and satellite navigation systems can be integrated within a cockpit style centre console which also accommodates auxiliary switches and safety warning illuminations.

Key points:

•  M2 seating

•  Auxiliary heating/air conditioning

•  Luggage storage

•  Assisted entry and emergency exit

•  Security systems and camera systems

•  Driver aids

For safe and secure transportation of VIPs use a MacNeillie armoured minibus conversion