Discreet Protection Vehicles

Discreet armoured protection allows the vehicle to function in a number of operational requirements. This enables our discreetly protected vehicles to be used in urban areas where a less aggressive approach and more covert operational role is vital.

MacNeillie prides itself on offering an armoured vehicle that fulfils an excellent level of protection against both ballistic and blast threats, all specifically tailored to ensure that customer’s requirements are totally satisfied in a high quality standard conversion.

Predominantly based on 4×4 and SUV platforms, but also available on saloon and executive car designs, a discreetly protected armoured vehicle can be manufactured to varying protection levels including B4, B6, B7 and many other levels.

MacNeillie can supply a basic model ‘lower end’ specification vehicle (used by non-Government Aid Agencies (NGAs)) up to a VIP solution finished to the highest levels of luxury, complete with on-board entertainment and fitted with numerous types of security related electronic options. Most of our armoured cars are provided with one year spare packs, dependent upon the customer’s preferred support solution, and the area of the world the vehicle would be expected to operate in.

Key points:

•  Various protection and blast options available

•  Left or right hand drive

•  Communications system integration

•  Heavy duty suspension and braking systems

•  Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)

•  Runflat systems

•  Explosion proof fuel tanks

•  Anti-tamper systems

•  Onboard vehicle charging systems

•  Camera and recording systems

Our discreet armoured vehicles have been in use all over the world for over 30 years, MacNeillie not only provide a quality product they support it through its life.