From large Cash In Transit vehicles for bullion or high value movement to mobile banks, parking meter collection or ATM vehicles, there are a number of options available in this sector.

  • Mobile bank armoured van
  • Dashboard communications console
  • Cash-in-transit van
  • Cash-in-transit van panel
Bullion / cash carrier smoke cloak system
Bullion / cash carrrier rear doors
Cash carrier interior light up buttons
Cash carrier on board drop safe

Bullion/cash carrier

Large, medium and small vehicle types converted to differing levels of armour protection and loading compartment designs.

Vehicles can be designed as:

•  Coin ‘Trunker’ – High level ballistic 3.5T – designed to carry low payloads.

•  CIT – Low level 3.5T – designed to carry low payloads.

•  CIT – High Level ballistic 5T – designed to carry low payloads.

•  CIT – Bandit level 5T – designed to carry high payloads.

•  Coin ‘Trunker’ – High level ballistic 14T and 18T – designed to carry high payloads (6 to 10T).

•  Coin ‘Trunker’ – Low level and bandit-level security vehicles, designed to carry high payloads.

•  Cash/Bullion Carriers – Hi level 18T and 26T – designed to carry high payloads.

•  Coin Carriers – Low level 18T and 26T – designed to carry high payloads.

Protection can be enhanced still further by other sophisticated security features such as biometric identification for vehicle entry
and geofencing technology to warn if vehicles stray outside restricted area boundaries.

High-level security vehicles provide a defeat capability against a minimum of handgun and shotgun attack using bullet-resistant
materials. Armour packages are designed for the specific role of the vehicle.

Conversions can include, but not limited to:

•  Cab armour

•  Body armour

•  Integration of monitoring systems

•  Security door entry

•  Panel sensor wires

•  Escape hatches

•  Rear loading tail-lift

•  On-board vault or drop safe

•  Smoke cloak system

•  Storage solutions

•  Auxiliary charging and power supplies

•  Interior and exterior lighting

•  CCTV camera and intercom systems

•  Hands-free phone kits

•  Attack alarms

•  Livery/signage

•  Climate control systems

•  Airlock entry system

•  Biometrics and geo-fencing systems


Large or small vehicles - armoured or anti-bandit protection giving a complete range of CITs to meet any operational need.

Mobile banks

Available on van or box body designs to a variety of base vehicle types and installed with either armoured or anti-bandit protection.

A robust MacNeillie mobile bank can be provided to facilitate many years of mobile banking services to those rural areas which do not have a ‘local’ branch.

The cashiers’ working area and on-board storage is separated behind a ballistically protected mid-body security screen/cashiers desk and an intercom system allows easy communication between the two areas.

At the rear, easy access for customers is provided including a wheelchair ramp for disabled users. Air suspension has been included to allow the rear of the vehicle to ‘kneel’ for easier access.

All floor surfaces are covered with an anti-slip material and all interior surfaces are finished in smooth-face lining materials to ensure ease of cleaning and promote hygiene control throughout.

The internal is fitted with heating/air conditioning systems to offer a comfortable environment whilst on-board power management ensures that the vehicle is suitably powered at all times.

Digital recording security camera, vehicle tracking and GPS mobile phone systems offer extra security measures over the installed protection and offer a copiously benign solution for operator and customer alike.

Key points:

•  Ballistic or anti-bandit protection

•  Disabled access

•  Air suspension

•  Anti-slip flooring

•  Auxiliary power management

•  Emergency exit windows

•  Wheelchair access

•  Climate control

•  Audible alarms

•  Recording security system

•  Ballistic cashier’s desk/partition

•  Audio enhancement/intercom system

•  GPS mobile phones

This is a very good turnkey service solution to meet very specific industry and end customer operational requirements for remote regions.

Parking meter collection

Lightweight ballistic protection to lower doors and ballistic glass or protective anti-bandit film to all windows provides a safe environment for users. An intelligent central locking system for single door opening operation supports the physical protection, coupled with a hijack alarm system ensures the vehicle is secure so operators have peace of mind during their working day.

Monitored emergency escape roof hatch/exit and an emergency escape door can be provided through the front bulkhead for access from the cab into the rear compartment in case of an intensified physical threat inside the cab area or significant front end vehicle damage.

Heavy duty polycarbonate lining is installed to saloon sides, roof and side and rear doors for a robust interior finish, providing a vehicle conversion with longevity in mind.

Strong plastic or metal storage compartments for cash boxes are provided to the side and/or rear entries, angled bases allow easy access to boxes and retaining lips to prevent accidental removal.

Aluminium storage boxes in the saloon compartment for ‘drop-in’ items, boxes manufactured to double up as a platform to assist in exiting the vehicle when using the emergency escape roof hatch.

Amber roof beacons can be fitted for a visual warning to surrounding road users and pedestrians to highlight the vehicle as a hazard when stationary, this assists in awareness of the vehicle and avoid accidental damage.

Key points:

•  Lightweight ballistic protection

•  Hijack alarm system

•  Emergency escape roof exit

•  Emergency cab to saloon door

•  Heavy duty interior lining

•  Coin box storage compartment

•  Roof mounted beacon



Safe and secure collection services in a protected conversion on a variety of vehicle types and sizes.