Bomb Disposal Vehicles

EOD Bomb Disposal engineers, the experts in the safe disposal of unexploded ordnance, such as bombs, shells and mines that may be left on the battlefield after a conflict or cited as terrorist activity, have the arduous task of disposing of such explosive devices.

Our bomb disposal vehicles provide a safe platform for these engineers to carry out these activities in a controlled comfortable environment at an innocuous distance.

The integration of protective armoured materials to the operational compartment and electronic wheelbarrow remote control systems, combined with suitable equipment storage solutions and loading systems, makes for a full practical mobile application which aids in the complexity of the arduous responsibility which is bomb disposal.


Key points:

•  Soft skin and armoured solutions

•  4×2 and 4×4 van, box body or SUV vehicle configurations

•  Jamming systems

•  Communications systems

•  Recording systems for cameras

•  Air conditioning/heating options

•  Separate crew, storage and command areas

•  Warning equipment and security packages

•  Heavy duty loading systems

•  Secure robot anchorage

•  Internal storage systems

•  Remote control system integration, RF, cable or fibre optic

Robust, reliable and hard-working armoured vehicles provided by MacNeillie.