Van conversions

All our ambulance van conversions include M1 tested floor systems ensure the vehicle is built to a notably high standard.

Easy to use patient loading ramps or tail-lifts give a safe and straightforward solution and a ‘non-lift’ patient loading process.

Roof mounted or surface mounted LED lights offer the flexibility to design the lighting configuration around the vehicle to a considerable degree to meet with any needs.

Designed to promote excellent vehicle stability and road handling our van conversions use the latest materials which are subjected to vigorous physical and virtual testing, proving again why MacNeillie is one of the UK’s leading ambulance converter and manufacturer.

Key points:

•  Easy-load systems (tail-lift or loading ramps)

•  Side entry handrails to assist ‘walk on’ patients

•  Fixed, removable or tip and fold seating for customisation of interior seating layout

•  Dashboard operator control panel for ergonomic use by driver

•  Internal cupboards to varying levels of designs/uses.

Converted to a high standard of expertise our vehicles are modern and clean giving excellent ergonomic and infection control solutions.