Our principal Aluminium and advanced Lightweight Type B & C BS EN 1789 and European Commission Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) ambulance box bodies are available on a variety of base vehicle platforms for use as Frontline A&E or Neonatal ambulances.

  • Box body ambulance conversions
  • Ambulance incident support unit vehicle
  • Ambulance interior with stretcher
  • Myriad Ambulance box body
Ambulance box body Converter
Ambulance Box Body Conversions
Ambulance undergoing box body conversion
Ambulance box body interior

Ambulance box body

For two decades we have been manufacturing this highly refined product which has seen much advancement and has stood the test of time to hold a recognised place in the ambulance industry as a well proven product which is being used by many UK and worldwide ambulance services.

This BS EN 1789 2007 +A1 2010 strong aluminium modular body has European Commission Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) on Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter. Integral body structural corrugations allows the interior layout to be designed freely and can accommodate a complex arrangement of lockers and medical equipment alike.

With ‘easy entry’ side and rear door steps that automatically deploy and close away with the respective operation of the door, access on and off the emergency vehicle is made effortless.

Suitable for standard or bariatric use our patented rear loading tail-lift design (that forms the rear door closure) is available along with external tail-lift options and rear loading ramp (with winch) that all provide an admirable method to convey a stretcher or carry chair on and off the vehicle.

Onboard programmable electrical control systems give the ability for drivers and attendants to control key electrical systems from designated positions within the vehicle (cab and saloon areas). These systems also offer battery protection in the form of voltage sensing (all circuits) and a ‘load shedding’ feature which inhibits the power supply to predetermined systems at set voltage levels whilst prioritising other electrical components. Programs can be altered at any stage of the build to cater for on-going specification modifications.

LED external emergency, scene and internal lighting is standard fitment offering the benefit of prolonged battery life and operational longevity.

Interior surfaces are provided from easy to clean materials to aid cleanliness and infection control.

Incorporating low risk manual handling solutions for stretcher and carry chair boarding and designed ergonomically for quick and friendly use and tailored internal cupboard and external locker design layouts allow our customers’ requirements to be met giving future-proof results.

This is our principal box body ambulance, which would be held in high esteem in any ambulance fleet.

Lightweight ‘Myriad’ box body

With all the features of the Aluminium body shown above the Myriad body is manufactured from a lightweight, impact resistant, composite material our BS EN 1789 Approved Type B and C box body offers a state-of-the-art and highly robust ambulance design which has European Commission Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) based on Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter.

Engineered for weight saving, originally for a 3.5 ton chassis, the Myriad can also be mounted to larger vehicles and offers excellent benefits over traditional body styles whilst retaining the features and functionalities associated with the Aluminium Box Body.

The Myriad reduced weight gives environmental, economic and operational benefits which include reduced running costs (fuel consumption, brake and tyre wear), lower emissions and improved response times.

The ultimate in light, strong body design maximising payloads and giving the flexibility to carry more equipment.