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Ambulance box body

As a leading UK based Ambulance manufacturer we offer two very strong and durable body designs which give customers a solid box body ambulance solution. These have been used by numerous customers for many years in Accident & Emergency, Bariatric and Neonatal/Pediatric roles.

Our BS EN 1789 2007 +A1 2010 and European Commission Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) ambulance is available on a variety of chassis over 4 ton and incorporates an external tail-lift or combined rear door/tail-lift closure or rear loading ramp and winch, all of which provide a low risk solution to manual handling.


Ambulance Van Conversions

Van conversions

Ambulance and associated vehicle conversions are available on various van platforms which can be operated between 3.5 and 5 ton for a number of operational roles such as Accident and Emergency, High Dependency, Emergency Care Practitioner, Paramedic Practitioner Vehicles, Personnel Carriers or Hazard Area Response…. and more.

Converted to a high standard of expertise our ambulance conversions are modern and clean giving excellent ergonomic and infection control solutions.


Patient transport

A number of OEM vehicles offer an exceptional Patient Transport Services (PTS) conversion platform for both wheelchair and non-wheelchair accessible vehicles so we offer a variety of base vehicle models and wheelbases to suit the specific PTS vehicle requirements of the customer.

M1 tested floor systems ensure the vehicle is built to a notably high standard.

By offering standard passenger and bariatric carrying ability for stretcher or seating options our vehicles can be utilised for almost any occasion. Seats come in a range of makes, types (fixed, tip and fold, removable) and in a variety of trim materials.

Many rear loading tail-lift or ramp options and restraint systems are available which will be specified in accordance to the users’ operational needs.

To assist unaided patient entry, folding side door handrails that protrude outside the vehicle when in use can be provided, these are designed to assist entry for the less able but self-dependent walking individuals.

Electrical control and switching systems are available to ensure the vehicle is functional and simple to operate.

Ambulance support vehicle conversions
Ambulance Communication equipment upgrades
Emergency Vehicles Conversions

Response vehicles

Conversions on all makes and models of cars, MPVs or 4x4s with bespoke designs available to cater for any user needs in an RRV or any Fast Response Vehicle role.

Roof or rail mounted light bars, battery management and auxiliary switching systems to ensure the vehicle has optimum battery capacity and assured start.

Rear loading systems are designed for specific medical and specialist equipment and are manufactured from an assortment of materials which best suit the application.

Dashboard integration solutions can be offered for many radio communications and mobile data systems providing ease of use and allowing the drivers optimum concentration.

With vast experience in converting for the emergency services, MacNeillie are one of the largest independent vehicle converters who can offer both the public and private sectors a first class service and product whilst manufacturing for low or high volume orders.

Ambulance & Emergency Vehicles
MacNeillie Ambulance & Emergency Vehicles
Ambulance & Emergency Vehicles by MacNeillie

Command & control

MacNeillie as a pioneering specialist vehicle conversion organisation have a number of divisions providing innovative designs and products to a varied customer base. Our conversions are utilised across the world, providing support when needed to the emergency services, military and a growing demand from utility and critical infrastructure services.

Our command and control vehicles enable our clients to handle any incident efficiently and have effective communication within minutes of arriving at a scene.

The technology enveloped within the command and control vehicle develops almost from build to build. However, one of the fundamental aims of every vehicle is to provide a complex technological advanced solution that is robust and easy to use by the operator.





Not every product or vehicle conversion we provide sits comfortably within a specific fleet group.

MacNeillie is renowned for successfully delivering those ‘one-off’ often challenging projects that fall within our specialist section.